Monday, May 6, 2013

Berkshire Hathaway Meeting Notes

So far, the best set of notes from Saturday's annual meeting, in Omaha, of Berkshire Hathway shareholders I have seen is this one from Motley Fool.

[UPDATE 5/7/13: This set, by Peter Boodell, is even better. It is nearly a transcript.]

I also found the NYT's set, here, helpful.

There is a good set from Morningstar, too. I don't think a subscription is required (but if so, it is a good excuse to sign up for Morningstar, which is useful).

That's probably enough, but for those wanting every tidbit, this set from the FT is worthy, and Charlie Munger did a long CNBC interview with Becky Quick.

I often go to the meeting, but skipped it this year.